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We focus on developing operational best solutions in a variety of business environments. Our back-to-the-basics methodology baselines current realities, creates process maps for effective change, and implements functional measurements to quantify improvements.

LOGIC is an unbiased supply chain planner evaluating alternatives and removing inherent biases when a provider is tied to a specific solution, product, or service.

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The LOGIC Services Method

We work together with our clients to understand what they want to accomplish and why. We spend time studying the products they need to move, the configuration of their present and future storage and distribution activities, as well as understanding the level of available resources. This thorough analysis guards against false starts, ill-timed budget-wasting, and non-functional system concepts.

We believe that no two projects are alike. That’s why our system design, implementation, and project management strategies are specifically tailored to our client’s short- and long-term objectives.

  1. Analysis of your supply chain from order entry through production to final shipment 
  2. Inclusion of international trade agreements such as USMCA and CAFTA-DR
  3. Production of custom plan to reduce your total supply chain costs and improve profitability
  4. Ongoing support to ensure successful program implementation

Distribution Management

LOGIC works with a strategic partner, who is “forward thinking” in engineering and design. Our supply chain planner team makes it possible for us to design, develop, and deliver highly functional and cost effective material-handling solutions to meet our clients’ needs every time.


Fleet Management

All transportation companies regardless of size are required to comply with applicable DOT regulations and carry enormous liability for situations that may not be properly addressed in their current safety program, which can cost companies tens of thousands in extra costs and fees. Our supply chain planner services assist private and commercial fleets with these considerations on a variable basis.

“I have used LOGIC Services for many years. I initially employed them to design a supply chain strategy and help reduce our transportation expenses, saving us over 20%.”
Les Dietzman
Retired CEO and COB