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“I have used the professionals at LOGIC Services multiple times. I turned to them for help and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. LOGIC Services gets things done!”
Craig Wassenaar
“I was looking to bring our transportation cost under control and had several referrals from other companies. LOGIC Services was recommended several times. We called them in and it turned out to be one of our best moves ever, providing net savings over 20%.”
Bruce Weiderman
Corporate Controller
“I used LOGIC Services twice to improve our total cost of both inbound and outbound freight. I will continue to use LOGIC Services: Great Results, Professional, Integrity.”
Tom Roe
“I have used LOGIC Services for many years. I initially employed them to design a supply chain strategy and help reduce our transportation expenses, saving us over 20%.”
Les Dietzman
Retired CEO and COB
“I employed LOGIC Services multiple times. Every time LOGIC Services performed well. We experienced cost savings in our supply chain of nearly 50% and transportation savings of greater than 20%.”
Eric Heller
COO, Owner & Director of Operations
“LOGIC Services produced a network optimization study to evaluate our total supply chain from sourcing through distribution for our international finished products. I strongly recommend LOGIC Services.”
Mike Schmidt
Retired VP Operations/Supply Chain Management