Craig Wassenarr, CFO

Major Specialty Retailer.

As CFO, I was asked to develop a strategic plan for our distribution and logistics operations. I considered several of the “brand name” national consulting firms. But I thought we would be better off working with someone who had “been there and done that.” LOGIC Services was recommended by several of my peers. LOGIC Services helped us develop an effective supply chain strategy. They also guided us through its implementation, capturing the savings promised and meeting all the needs of the business.

Manufacturer of structural fabricated concrete wall panels, sound barriers, spandrel and
floor plank.

As CFO, we needed to take a look at our current third party provider, using an unbiased partner with a strategic approach…I again called on LOGIC Services. They immediately addressed the issues with all our plants and helped us to realign our third party provider
resulting in increased savings, more flexibility.