Bruce Weiderman, Corporate Controller

Manufacturer & Designer of Custom Seating and Décor

Our company is growing very rapidly,and needed an evaluation of our transportation expense. Sales growth rate has been double digit over the past several years, yet one of the sore spots was we were losing control of our transportation expense. We lacked in-house expertise to understand and improve our supply chain. Our international shipments were increasing bringing our shipping department to a standstill.

After reviewing several providers, we turned to LOGIC Services and began our journey with them in LTL, TL, Parcel, NAFTA certification and International Shipping. The results were excellent and they continue to work at our sides. They have become our variable transportation department and have worked with all areas of the company, helping us effectively manage our overall supply chain. They advised us we could save around 15% using their web-based system. The results were much greater, with savings much greater, in some areas as much as 50%.