About Us

The LOGIC team is a group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the transportation and supply chain management sector.

Gene Pryor:

Mr. Pryor is the Managing Director, and Principal at Logic Services.  He has extensive senior management experience leading companies in a rapidly changing environment including: acquisitions, start–ups and turnarounds. He has a proven track record of positive financial performance and leadership. moc.i1596869312m-cig1596869312ol@ro1596869312yrpen1596869312eg1596869312

​Dana Caverly:

Mr. Caverly spent over twenty years creating flexible solutions for clients as a Senior Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transportation Manager. He has been a partner in both an asset-based and a non Asset-based 3PLs (Third Party Logistics) provider. moc.i1596869312m-cig1596869312ol@yl1596869312revac1596869312anad1596869312

Phillip Rios, PMP:

Mr. Rios is a management professional and change agent with over 30 years of experience turning ideas into results for both corporate and non-profit organizations. He is experienced in motivating and working with people to minimize resistance to change by communicating and collaborating with all levels of an organization. moc.i1596869312m-cig1596869312ol@so1596869312irlih1596869312p1596869312

Lowell Anderson:

Mr. Anderson is a transportation executive with more than 30 years of experience in fleet operation, transportation, warehouse layout/design and overall operational performance improvement. moc.i1596869312m-cig1596869312ol@no1596869312sredn1596869312allew1596869312ol1596869312

Sue Rios

Mrs.  Rios has an ability to fully understand a client’s requirements and a  commitment to provide exceptional customer service. She spent many years in education before a starting a second career in sales. moc.i1596869312m-cig1596869312ol@so1596869312ireus1596869312

Harry Bregman

Harry Bregman Has over 35 years of senior executive leadership in successful turnarounds for corporate and personal entrepreneurial ventures in multiple branded products, logistics and supply chain sourcing for retail and industrial products. Skilled in developing and executing successful strategies in diversified industries.

Erik Greene:

Mr. Greene is a marketing specialist, focusing on emerging technology for small and medium sized business. He has experience with digital, social, and traditional methods of brand promotion and management.

Virtual Resources:

LOGIC has professional relationships with other companies and individuals with specialized knowledge and expertise that may help clients achieve their goals and objectives. LOGIC Services respects client’s privacy and will privately present recommendations to use a virtual resource only if agreed to by the client.​